Thursday, June 14, 2012

Post #1 (squeal!)

Here we go!  I'm Tricia, wife of my best friend and mother of two sweet kids.  (I'll refer to them as M Boy and M Girl or M&M.)   I run a daycare/preschool out of an addition of our home, after resigning from teaching first grade for five years.  I only watch teacher's kids, that way I have the same schedule, time off, etc. as I did as a teacher....but I'm home with my kids (genius, I know.) 
The title of my blog, I burned dinner, is sadly the story of my life.  I try, but fail most of the time.  My mother made it look soooo easy!  She had four kids, my dad traveled...a lot...and she did it all on her own, cooking, cleaning, car pool, shopping, playing, and soo much more, while working! 
When I was working away from home full time, I used it as my "excuse."  Oh, I'm behind on the laundry because I had late conferences this week, or I'll go to the grocery store when testing is over, or I'll clean the house over the weekend,(which wouldn't happen either).  Sooo, when I resigned from teaching, a job a loved, to stay home with my kids, I thought things would change...I thought the house would be clean all of the time, laundry would always be done, dinner always on the table, and good.  Not so.  I found myself missing my "excuse!"  I try.....but things never turn out the way they were supposed to....crafts, sewing, cooking, etc. 
As I said before, my mom did it all, which was great, but left me not knowing how to do things for myself.  I haven't lived at home since I was 18 (1998).  (Note to self...teach M Girl all things domestic).
When I was pregnant with M Girl, I didn't nest so much, but crafted.  I had this idea in my head that I would make all of her bibs, bows, and more.  So, I tried.  I didn't own a sewing machine....hadn't even tried to sew since home ec in the 7th grade.  But I could glue, and glue I did.  I made 25 adorable bibs with fabric glue.  No one would have anything like them!  They were beautiful.  After completing them, which took a lifetime, I washed them.  As I pulled them out of the washer one by one, tears filled my eyes as I realized they had ALL fallen apart.  I was heart broken.  As I sat in my living room, discarding them one by one into a trash bag crying (most likely rather hormonal at this point), my husband said he thought I was talented and we could figure something else out. The next day, he and M Boy came home from the store with a brand new sewing machine as an early Mother's Day gift.  I was over joyed and completely nervous.  I watched the DVD that came with it....3 times.  Then I let it sit for a week.  I was intimidated by this new machine.  Could I?  Would projects turn out just like the failed bibs?  Finally, one day at nap time, I took the machine out, plugged it in, loaded the thread on the bobber, did all of the things the DVD said to do, and took off.  I made 15 bibs during that nap time and haven't looked back. 
After I had the confidence I so desperately needed, I decided to make a drawstring bag out of some baseball fabric I had bought for M Boy months ago.  My thinking was, he could use it to carry quiet toys to and from church.  I found a tutorial on-line, and off I went.  I held up my finished product, only to realize that I had sewn the stinking bag shut.  Yes, you heard me, I sewed it shut.  Seriously?!?!?  Another fail.  I cut the sewn part off, redid it, but it was far too small to carry anything in.  He uses it now to hold cards.  Grrrrrrr.
I recently made my M Girl a pillowcase dress for her 1st birthday.  I forgot to leave arm holes and sewed the bottom shut.  I know.  I suck.
I made lasagna a few nights tasted like perfume.  The only thing I have successfully cooked in my crock pot, were the instructions....small fire, no biggie.
I have many other epic fails I will post as time goes on, but I HOPE that I will have many more successes to post as well. 
So here I am.  On a journey to find my domestic divaness that I KNOW I can find.  I subscribe to TONS of crafty mom blogs, to find inspiration, and find it.  I am constantly in awe of all of the talent that's out there.  Time to find mine.  Join me on my journey, and maybe start your own.

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